Keynotes & Media

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12/10/18 ITSP Podcast ITSP Magazine Online Panelist – Speaker Link to interview
12/4/18 Gartner Summit Las Vegas, NV Featured Speaker Link to interview
11/8/18 CISO Event Half-Moon Bay, CA Panelist Link
11/2/18 23rd Annual Conference on Financial Reporting Berkeley, CA Panelist Event Coverage
10/25/18 Secure the Village – Cybersecure LA _Pepperdine University Los Angeles, CA Keynote Link
10/10/18 ISC2 Security Congress – Risk Management and the Cyber Threat Landscape New Orleans, LA Session Speaker Link
10/8/18 Shape Security Customer Summit Redwood City, CA Speker-Fireside Chat Link
10/4/18 MTRA Conference 2018 Jackson, WY Panelist Link
9/13/18 First Republic Bank – Cybersecurity Panel Menlo Park, CA Panelist Internal Event
9/12/18 Peer 150 Cybersecurity Networking Event San Francisco, CA Speaker Link
8/16/18 Hillspire, LLC – Cyber Security Trends Menlo Park, CA Speaker Internal Event
8/15/18 Shape Security – Webinar Mountain View, CA Speaker Link
7/27/18 Sikka Partner Summit San Jose, CA Speaker Link
7/11/18 ISMG – Fraud and Data Breach Summit San Francisco, CA Speaker Link
6/21/18 Richmond Events Italia – Cyber Resilience Forum 2018 Gubbio, Italy Keynote
6/14/18 Richmond Events – CIO Forum San Francisco, CA Speaker
2/23/18 Interview – Mlex Mlex Market Insight Interview Link
2/12/18 Charles Schwab Internal Employee Training – Digital Currency Trends San Francisco, CA Speaker Internal Event
1/26/18 USF Law Symposium – The Epidemic of Data Insecurity San Francisco, CA Panelist Link
11/14/17 Idology Identity and Fraud Forum San Francisco, CA Panelist-Fireside Chat Link
11/6/17 Dropbox – Veterans Event San Francisco, CA Panelist
10/18/18 SAP-Ariba Palo Alto, CA Presenter Link
10/17/17 Silicon Valley Association of General Counsels Santa Clara, CA Panelist Link
10/13/17 SVLG: Healthcare Summit San Jose, CA Panelist Link
10/10/17 Thoma Bravo Ops and IT Conference San Francisco, CA Presenter Internal Event
9/28/17 Global Press and Analyst Summit San Jose, CA Panelist Link (Media Coverage)
9/15/17 Web Interview Cybersecurity Journal Interview Link to interview
9/14/17 Northland Controls Tech Day Milpitas, CA Keynote Link
8/18/17 Webinar International Public Safety Association Speaker Link
7/25/17 Podcast SiftScience Interview Fraud Fighting with the FBI
6/28/17 Genetec Security Summit San Francisco, CA Speaker Link
6/22/17 Article PoliceOne Contributor How to Protect Your Digital Video Evidence from a Cyber Attack
6/13/17 Article LegalTech News The CyberSecurity Contradiction – Simple Attacks, Devastating Effects
5/31/17 ASECAP Days Paris, FR Keynote/Panelist Link (Media Coverage)
5/26/17 Article MLEX Interview Silicon Valley FBI CyberSecurity Chief Aims for better cooperation with tech giants
5/19/17 Legal Frontiers in Digital Media Mountain View, CA Panelist Bridging Divides:  Interfacing with Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies
5/15/17 CyberSecurity: Market and Business Impacts and Recommendations Orlando, FL Keynote Cybersecurity: Market and Business Impacts and Recommendations
5/12/17 HIMMS Privacy & Security Summit San Francisco, CA Keynote Healthcare IT News
5/12/17 HIMMS Privacy & Security Summit Healthcare IT News Interview Video
5/10/17 Legal SIG/Cyber Roundtable San Francisco, CA Panelist
5/5/17 Treasury Symposium San Francisco, CA Keynote Agenda
5/1/17 LegalWeek West Keynote San Francisco, CA Keynote Agenda
4/19/17 IoT Summit San Francisco, CA Keynote
3/17/17 EY FIN Tech Summit San Francisco, CA Panelist
2/17/17 Article PoliceOne Author 5 Ways to Cultivate a Culture of Leadership Among Officers
2/15/17 RSA 2017 Information Security Media Group Interview Video
2/12/17 ARMA San Francisco, CA Keynote Video
12/5/16 Evanta CISO Summit San Francisco, CA Speaker Stronger Together – Coordinated Efforts with Public Agencies
12/1/16 SAP Cyber Security Summit Palo Alto, CA Speaker
11/8/16 Webinar AT&T Sponsored Security Speaker Series Speaker
10/28/16 Legal Liabilities, Cooperating with Government and Cyber Insurance Stanford, CA Panelist Video
10/27/16 First Republic Bank San Francisco, CA Panelist
10/26/16 Article PoliceOne Contributor 5 Tactics to Protect Your Police Agency from Ransomware
10/24/16 General Counsels Cyber Security Summit Berkeley, CA Organizer
10/21/16 HealthImpact Northwest San Francisco, CA Keynote
10/19/16 Epic Machines – Cyber Roundtable San Francisco, CA Speaker
10/17/16 Cyber Open House – Congressman Honda Santa Clara, CA Speaker
9/12/16 IBTTA Denver, CO Speaker Portecting Our Customers – Managing Threats to Customer Data and Privacy
8/4/16 Article PoliceOne Author Why Police Leaders Should be Selective About Executive Team Composition
6/2/16 Article PoliceOne Author Why Do I Want to Lead?
3/9/16 E-Crime Congres London, UK Speaker The Cyber Threat Landscape and Intrusion Investigations